Specialising in Victorian, Edwardian and Federation Tessellated Floor Tiles, Verandahs, Entrances, Foyers, Pathways, Bathrooms, Kitchens,
Family Rooms, Conservatories, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Shops, Historical Buildings, Restoration, Reproduction, and much more....
Choosing colours, pattenrs or calculate the right amount of tiles? Well, you are at the right place, we will tell you all you need.
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This unique range of tiles comes in a such huge selection of designs, most recreated using many individual pieces, making it very difficult to know what you are getting or how to lay it.
The service we provide consist in giving you a detailed list of what you need to order in the tile shop, for the area you need to tile, this includes choosing the right pattern of tesellated floor tiles, or reproducing the same existing pattern, we also advise you on the best tile to use, there are many on the market but we know which one last longer with zero maintenance.
Tiling job is very important too and must be done by a specialists, some customers call the tiler artist.

The detailed list mentioned above will be very specific, single pieces needed for the job with amounts, from strips for the border to the smallest triangle.
So when you place the order can compare the amount calculated in the shop.
Some customers don't even say anything to the sales person, and when it's time to place the order, our written list may come out.

Federation Tiles
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